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Alpha conquers her latest adventure in bonnie Scotland

Alpha conquers her latest adventure in bonnie Scotland

All four paws are scaling new heights

Arriving up the evening before adventure day, as we only had a day and a half to squeeze in as much as we could.

Having upgraded from our original camping plan to a glamping pod for our evening accm, we made the most of being able to snuggle down in our oversized pod, this happened to be the only one left on site that was available, Alpha wasnt complaining she has loads of space to spaniel sprawl about in. The camping/glamping site was beautiful, we were even more spoilt by having a doggy walking area into the forest, what every dog dreams of! This is the first place that I have come across that allows more than two dogs, I know next time I go I will be taking both Alpha and Bravo.

Adventure day came quick, as the rain eased overnight and then sun and some blue sky kept popping out between the clouds. We arrived for our first mini adventure of the day, meeting our soon to be, newly crowned SUP PUPs and their humans for our first ever Doggy SUP Scotland (more details in another story)

Having had a fabulous morning, on the water, It was time to head off to do our next exciting adventure that we had waited well over 18 months for. 

This adventure was truly unique for us, it would grow our bond and trust between me and Alpha tighter than it has ever been before, I would be far out my comfort zone and I know that she would feel that. However I know that having Alpha alongside me would also calm me and give me more confidence than I normally have without her. It was time to face the music......

"Alpha we are are going to try climbing and abseiling today, mummy will go first, then we will both go together, are you excited?" This is exactly what I said to her, she had her normal excited reaction although she wasn't sure what climbing and abseiling were yet.

Off I went for a trial run up the huge natural stone wall, making sure that I was safe and understood the best way up and how would be best to also climb with Alpha and where she would go. These first few climbs up by myself was quite scary, I am afraid of heights and falling, even though I know I am safe with the climbing instructor at the bottom, telling me this, and he is belaying me, it was still in my head, but we are not here to be conquered by our fears we should conquer them! 

Alpha waiting patiently at the bottom, for me to return. Back to the bottom, we kitted Alpha out in her harness (which we will be changing) as I wasn't overly happy with the part of the design, however i knew she would be 100% safe in it, if anything happened. Her safety was my top priority! Alpha fully secure to the line and in her harness, it was now time to climb. 

I know Alpha can jump really high, she loves to jump on top of things and have previously done some scrambling, so I was pretty sure that although this was new, she would have an idea of what we need to achieve. We started slowly and took each ledge as it came, assisting Alpha up the first climb with a lift or gentle, positive encouragement to find her inner mountain goat. For us it felt very high, for climbing enthusiasts we weren't that high at all. I was more unsure of how she would be when we slowly abseiled back down, to my suprise, once we establish with each other the best way to do it she had no problems at all. 

Heading up for a few more climbs both Alpha's and my confidence in each others abilities had grown, Alpha was scaling the ledges herself patiently waiting for me to follow behind her, whilst the smaller ledges required a bit more positive encouragement, showing Alpha she can do it, and that she can trust me, no matter what (she doesn't know that if she falls we have her safely attached, so she would be fine).

With the final climb and abseil finished and we got to the ground and detached from the climbing line, only for Alpha to be mega spaniel excitied and just wanted to be in my skin. I felt like we had truly done something amazing together, we are looking forward to progressing on with our climbing experiences together, and eventually taking Bravo through the same experience to.

After being so amazing at scaling new heights it was time for a trip to the beach, where we found our own peaceful, blue skyed paradise, before heading home with one totally tired out four legged furbaby.