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Adventuring from Home

Adventuring from Home

It would be rude not to

Let's look closer to home and see what adventure we can go on, less planning was required as we didn't need to seek out where to sleep. Living where we do, we are spoilt being surrounded in some of the beauty that England has to offer, all within an hour and 30 minutes drive.

The problem was there is so much, which one do we pick? overwhelmed with a massive selection of adventures, we had to put them on a list, which we are going to work our way through.

We chose Great Whernside, this time of year it would be quiet, your surrounded by countryside, the details looked just what we were after for our adventure. Alpha and Bravo packed up, all kit was in the car and off we went.

Alpha is now never car sick, however we have discovered that Bravo does get car sick. Poor little pup. She had long forgotten about her sickness when we arrived at the location. Paid for parking, backpacks on and off we went. 

The start was steep, Alpha was off lead as there was so much space for her to stretch her legs, barking at me all the way to hurry on up as she was so excitied. Bravo was on a longer leader not fased by Alpha being off the lead, she took everything in her stride. Excited to be out exploring and smelling smells that she has not come across. The first of many birds (mainly grouse) that we would see for the day, raced off, Alpha sat waiting whilst Bravo was so desperate to chase, but couldn't. 

We eventually made flatter ground, the steepness has substituated itself for boggy wet moorland. Alpha loves it, standing proud, walking out with black legs and belly, absolutely stinking!! Heading further out we were now into steep, wet boggy moorland thinking it couldn't get any harder to walk in. Then came the wind, and it was strong, you lift a leg and you don't have good balance, then your over! Alpha and Bravo's ears flapping everywhere and their eyes were open just enough to see where to go without being hurt by the wind. 

A good couple of hours and we reached the summit, all three of us sharing some chicken, pasta and raspberries. Alpha and Bravo had their extra own little treat and then tried to make themselves comfy for a quick power nap. Too much for Bravo she was popped into her carry bag for the journey back down.

We began the desent, Alpha needed a helping hand at points. The light was fading and we re-routed our route so we could at least get back before dark, as it happens we made it to the carpark just in time before the night drew in,  2 pooped out dogs and one pooped out human.

An adventure that will never be forgotton