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SUP PUP in the making

SUP PUP in the making

How will Bravo take to Paddleboarding?

I am sure Bravo has no fear. Little in size but goes head first into everything... would she like her first stand up paddleboarding experience?

Predominantly a summer sport, it was going to be a little different introducing Bravo to paddleboarding without having to get into the freezing water, athough it was sunny outside, the water was very, very cold!

Never one to miss out Alpha and I had a trip round on the lake first, before it was time to introduce Bravo to paddleboarding. Armed with a mountain of treats and a squeeky toy it was time to let the fun begin. As with very owner taking their dog paddleboarding for the first time, you never know how they are going to react. 

Bravo was very keen and eager to get out and about, having a sniff round the waters edge before leaping onto the board to join me sat on it. She really has no fear. She had a few small treats, whilst  playing some short fun games on the board. Not even needing the squeeky toy, she was wondering up and down like a pro from top to bottom.  so we left the edge and headed out a little further across the lake

Not quite fully aware of the size of the board, she went overboard and dunked in the water. Which was her first water experience, although never far from the waters edge it was deep enough for her to have her first quick swim before being hoisted back onboard.

Without having a DFD on (which she will when she is fully grown) we always made sure that her safety was top priority. She had a great time, not fazed by the board, paddle, other boards or the wildlife and she got so much fuss of everyone that within a few minutes of being on the journey home she was in the land of nod........that was her for the evening.