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Competition winners first experience of our Doggy SUP Adventure

Competition winners first experience of our Doggy SUP Adventure
"I'm not going to lie, having never won anything before my first reaction was 'what? Your kidding' Then my friend Jade, who's fault it is I entered the competition in the first place was like.. 'no seriously, you won!'
Once I read the post properly I think I ran round the house shouting 'omg I won, I won, I won!' My other half was of course getting excited himself at this point.. 'won what?' When I told him, he was slightly disappointed it wasn't a Porche but as a surfer, he thought it was brilliant and was pretty confident I would completely suck at it.
When it finally sank in and with the earlier vote of confidence from the other half, I suddenly got a little bit nervous about the whole 'dog' part... Would my dog take to it, would she behave, would it make the experience more difficult? Aaaarrgh!!
I have never done S.U.P before so to do it for the first time with my dog on board was making me feel slightly nervous. My dog, Lola, is a Jack Russell/Springer Spaniel cross, so to say she's got bags of energy is an understatement.
My second worry came when I realised it was in Llangollen where there are some pretty scary rapids reserved mainly for experienced kayakers. I can't tell you how relieved I was when I realised we'd be on the canal... Phew!
O. K. Not too bad!
Before I could blink it was Saturday and we were heading to Llangollen. I've got to say, 'what on earth was I nervous about?' The team there were fantastic, they were really relaxed and made it so much fun AND, even with my Lola on board, it was much easier than I thought.
Lola, or 'Captain Lola' as she's now called, absolutely loved it (and it meant she could get much closer to the ducks which she got very excited about)
The whole experience was fantastic and the hosts were very supportive and made us feel at ease and I can't thank them enough. My friend Jade and I are already looking in to doing this more regularly and I would highly recommend it to anyone. We may even look at trying the dog canoeing experience next time. 
Thanks again, we had an epic day!
Christie and Lola 🤙😁🐾👣