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Evening Doggy SUP Adventure

Evening Doggy SUP Adventure

Whilst we still have long, light nights we decided that an evening doggy SUP adventure was the way to launch our North Yorkshire location.

It was 6pm and all our four legged adventurers and their humans had arrived for their first ever Doggy SUP adventure, to say that we were excitied was a understatement! With a little walk around and the chance for all to meet and greet the session began.

The sun was still shining down on the lake and the sky was solid blue. The water was clam with a very slight breeze, almost perfect. On dry land we started with an intro to SUP, with our top instructor Danny. One by one the boards went into the shallow lake, first up lets get the dogs on. Some were a little more nervous than others, however with treat bags in hand and some gentle, positive coaching the dogs adjusted to being on a SUP.  Once dogs and humans were on it was time to have a paddle.

Paddling around the lake, in the evening was amazingly beautiful, there was pleanty of wildlife to see (from afar), SPLASH!! The first dog in the water, its time to have a little swim or a refreshing dip. Its always good to see the dogs enjoying themselves as much as the humans. Having mastered doggy paddle boarding and everyone managing to stand up with their dogs on the board, the adventure came to a close. Wet dogs and dry humans, it was time for the last bit of fun before it was home time. Let's all have a dip, humans and dogs having a little play and wild swim in the lake to end the night.  Time for a hot brew and trip home.