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Wild Camping Adventure

Wild Camping Adventure

With the UK having a fantatsic hot summer, we had to change our original adventure plans for something a little safer in the heat, as it was a little toooo hot for The Dog Backpacker for a day/night adventure.

With the evenings being so beautiful and cool after a hot day we headed not toooo far from home, to an amazing place that has some stunning views. The night was drawing to a close as we walked along the track as the sun was going down over the hills. As the sky was shinning orange we found a little place to snug away for the night in just our sleeping bag.

Looking around at our surroundings you had the hills on one side with orange skies as the sun had passed down the hills but not quite set, to the other side was a full moon, and we were totally emersed in nature. The Dog Backpacker was on full alert listening to all the birds and just wanting to go and find them, however it was time to sleep. Curled up 550m above sea level, in the middle on nowhere, both The Dog Backpacker and I difted off to sleep.

Morning!!! as The Dog Backpacker licked my face in excitiment, it was 0415 the sun was up yet hadn't risen above the hills. The Dog Backpacker was itching to go exploring where she had heard all the local animals the night before. With not much packing to do from this wild camp, we headed back along the track. The sun was rising above the hills and shone straight down on us. We stopped for a dip in the little stream as we all know how much The Dog Backpacker likes water! It was time to head home, as this wild camp was over.