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A Defender, two dogs and days of fun

A Defender, two dogs and days of fun

Seeking adventure on wheels

Not everyone has dreamed of having their own Land Rover Defender to go off and explore, seeking adventure, however we have.

Being the organiser, Alpha and Bravo had no idea what lay ahead, although they were feeding off positive vibes of excitement, I knew we were in for a short but superb little explore, further into the highlands than we had previously ventured before.

The outline plan was huge, as always and I doubted we would explore everywhere, as usual we always adventure on feeling not just itinerary.

First stop, let’s get our Land Rover Defender, and WOW just WOW – I was alike a kid at Christmas! I am not sure Alpha and Bravo quite felt the same. I did worry a little as they can get motion sickness and knowing how bumpy defenders are I did wonder if we would end up with sick everywhere, I assure you it didn’t, they actually suffered less than what they do in my van – maybe I should get a Defender?!

When in Scotland we love to complete a Munro, and that was definitely one thing we would do, however it was time to settle for the first night, near some amazing little waterfalls in the woods, to get some much needed rest. The tent box was easily erected upon the top of the Defender and comes complete with all the bedding that you need, it was so roomy, comfy and warm. The best part was carrying the dogs up the ladder to get them to bed.

Alpha and Bravo on their way up towards Ben Wyvis

Early start and packed away, we headed to our start point for Ben Wyvis. With a few other having the same plan as us that day and many with dogs. The day was fantastic, we met loads of lovely people and dogs on our way up and down. The route wasn’t the easiest but when you headed up the views as always were second to none and make the steep climb up worth every minute.

Time to move on and we headed to a stunning Loch, and it was there that we would park up for the night.  The loch was perfect and still, until we created the water motion when swimming. It was at this point I was slightly gutted that I hadn’t packed my paddleboard, but a wild swim is still just as exhilarating.  The evening view of the Loch from the height of our tent was amazing, better that the view from the ground, we were perfectly positioned for sunset and sunrise.
Alpha, Bravo and I all sat watching the sunset over the loch from the edge of the tent before getting our heads down for the night. 

Alpha and Bravo having some swim time in one of the Lochs

The early morning was beautiful and dry, Alpha, Bravo and I all had breakfast and headed to our next location of Roseisle Beach. The beach is vast and sandy and full of WW2 history, pillboxes and anti-tank cubes line the beach. Behind the sandy beach runs a woodland forest, you can explore all day here.  Alpha and Bravo had a riot on the beach digging, chasing waves and exploring the woodlands, I was immersed in what it was like back when all the pill boxes were in action.

Alpha and Bravo exploring into the part sunken Pillboxes

The night drew in and it was a short trip to Kinghorn for our last night away.  Another beautiful beach, a pebble beach, we set up not far from the beach and near some blackberry bushes, we knew what we were having for pudding after tea!

It was time for us to head back home and hit the post adventure comedown, time to plan more adventures.  

We hired our fully equipped (we only needed to bring ourselves and food) Land Rover Defender from Go North 4x4, They come highly recommended from us, if you are not into Land Rovers they also have Campervans for hire

Love Alpha, Bravo and Charlie