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Our Latest Activity has been released

Our Latest Activity has been released

A day of water and walkies

Full of history and much more this is a trip not to be missed out on! We took a day out and headed out for some insider info for our latest activity we have to offer, in Ripon, North Yorkshire.

Full of excitement, kit packed, Alpha and I set off. Post car journey we had arrived, Alpha’s tail at full wag speed and ready for adventure. 

Heading out in our canoe, on the calm waters of the canal for the start of our water and walkies day. Alpha is accustomed to a canoe, and this would be our longest trip yet, so I was interested to see what she thought of a longer journey….

Paddling down the canal, heading under bridges, tunnelling trees, and open sky. Passing canal boats, swans, ducks and much more wildlife along the way. Our canoe journey was so relaxing as we felt we were just gliding along, Alpha mixing between the back and the front of the canoe as she had plenty of space to roam. Although Alpha did go for two swims (she does love water), which was her choice all humans stayed out of the canal.

This is a beautiful journey passing down the stretches of the canal, heading round the canal lock gates with time to have some snacks along the way. Heading further down, the canal opens up into the river whilst heading to Newby Hall.  Alpha was well settled at this point and made herself comfy, winding down for a sleep whilst we paddled gently along.

Don’t forget to pack a picnic, as at the half way point, you can drop all the equipment off and stop for a picnic before taking a walk back to the start at your own pace. Our hosts will happily advise you on various routes you can take.  If you also have some binoculars you might also want to bring them along, why? On your walk back (if you follow the canal) you can see onto a nature reserve which has viewing spots, alongside the canal and one a little further in. You can also read about the history of the canal, all these bits you would not have seen from the water edge! 

A fantastic opportunity for you/your family and your dog to enjoy the waterways in Ripon.

Love Alpha and Charlie 

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