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Our Lock Down Activity Lowdown

Our Lock Down Activity Lowdown

Are our dogs loving lock down more than us?

It’s been a while, we haven’t been counting how long for, but what is apparent in this household is the Alpha and Bravo are embracing spending all their time with me, and to be fair, the feeling is mutual. We all have a tight bond, I didn’t think it could get any stronger, but it has! 

So, what have we been up to for this to get stronger and to keep ourselves amused over the past couple of weeks? Well pretty much the same as you I would say. Here is our fun lock down lowdown so far

1.    Gardening – Alpha and Bravo love to dig, they have helped in planting a tree and loads of vegetables in the garden.

2.    Agility – To keep us all exercising we have some old agility equipment we got out to play, Alpha and Bravo are not really used to it, it helps with their mental stimulation to. 

3.    Running – I should say jogging, not everyday but we have been on a few jogs instead of walks

4.    Learning new tricks – Its great to get the girls learning new tricks and they love the one on one time together

5.    Sleeping – Lots of naps!!

6.    Camping – A few nights of camping have been great in the garden. With also one night in our van, which will hopefully become our campervan! We are making the most of this lockdown 

7.    Adventure planning – this has been exciting, planning where and what we would like to do next once life gets back on track.

8.    Baking – We have made some amazing doggy treats and Easter eggs for Alpha and Bravo

9.    Paddling pool play – Two spaniel water babies means we have hours of fun in the sun with their paddling pool.

10.    Participating in charity events, raising and donting money to help those that need it.

We would love to hear what you and your dog have been up to in lockdown, send us your pictures in.

I think as far as this goes Alpha and Bravo are loving lockdown, happy, content and more time as our little family pack.

Love Alpha, Bravo and Charlotte