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What has Team Dog Backpacker been up to in Lockdown

What has Team Dog Backpacker been up to in Lockdown

Lyca's lockdown adventure so far

Lyca here!

So my humans have now been at home constantly for nearly 4 weeks .. life has changed but it’s so much fun! However, I am getting less sleep and no play time with my friends :( 

Helen is still taking me out for runs and walks every day, although not as far but we make it fun by exploring new local paths and visiting the horses 

I have been participating in their human lives more than usual... we’ve been working out in the gym together 


I miss going to the pub but one evening we took part in a virtual beer tasting event with Tiny Revel brewery.. I really wanted to try the Marshmallow one :) 

I do hope we can get back to normal soon so I can see my doggy friends but for now I’m enjoying life with my best humans :)

Lyca xx