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Winter Adventures

Winter Adventures

you can have just as much fun in the winter months

For some, adventuring is for any other time than the winter, but rest assured although you maybe slightly put off by the weather, your dog will no doubt love to get out adventuring!

Okay so there maybe less available to you with the days drawing to a close earlier, but there is still a fair few adventures you can have - even if they are mini ones. Alpha and Bravo for one think an adventure in the winter months is just as exciting in as the Spring, Summer or Autumn.

Not sure where to start? here are a few ideas for you:

Winter Camping - Find a stunning little winter camp site and with the right camping gear you can have a fab winter camping experience, or if you really wanted, upgrade to a little POD. Most places will be less busy than the summer and provide a great little getaway for a mini break. 

Walking/Hiking - The difference in the scenery over the different months means you can do the same walk and have such a different experience. Pick and old favourite or pick a new one. We would reccommend if you have no winter walking or hiking experience then stick to lower grounded walks, or look at hiring a guide.

Canoeing  - Wrap up warm and head to North Wales and pop out on the water for a winter canoe adventure, take a picnic or pop to the pub, sit by the fire and have a nice meal to finish off. You can book North Wales canoeing here

Sunset/Sunrise - Sunrise is later and the Sunset is earlier perfect time of year to wrap up, take a mini picnic, hot flask and some dog treats and just enjoy the moment with your dog.

Explore more with friends - Get your friends and their dogs and go out and explore together. Find some woods, beach, a place you have never been, a place you have always wanted to go to. 

We love to get out and about in the winter, why?

We love to wrap up in winter clothing, feeling all warm and snug, heading out on an adventure. The crisp cold air on my face, Alpha and Bravo's tail wagging at the wonder of what is to come. The scenery is stunning, sitting back and looking at your winter surroundings opening that hot flask for a drink,  Alpha and Bravo having a cuddle and some yummies you have packed for them. Heading home tired to batten down the hatches, the fire is roaring and your relaxing, having enjoyed your day with the dogs curled up by the fire....perfect!

It's time to make some plans for your winter adventures! 

Top Tip - If your dog requires a winter coat - make sure you take it with you. Alpha and Bravo always have theirs with them. JKK9 Artic Coat available from our shop here