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Splashing out of the summer & warming into the winter

Splashing out of the summer & warming into the winter

The summer has been awesome, now lets get set for the colder months

We love summer, seeing everyone outdoors, exploring, being happy and enjoying the sunshine! We have had emense fun this year meeting everyone who came to our events and to try something new, or maybe something they would never through they woud do. Spending that extra time with their pooch, hopefully giving you all the confidence, to go a hire and take your dogs exploring with you! It is amazing trust me. I would love to show you the best bits but there are so many pictures and videos. I just can't choose!

Most of the water fun comes to an end as we head out of the season and instead of playing on water, we are more likely to see more water from the skies. We don't think this should hold us back though, we are doggie people, which can only mean one thing - we go out in all weathers!!

So less of the Stand Up Paddleboarding and limited canoeing available, we will still have some fun filled adventures that will be released to book. Are we crazy? No, we just want to make you and your dogs as happy on Adventures over the winter as you would in the summer, after all the nights are drawing in and sometimes it's good to have something to look forward to! 

To top that we are looking to expand on our offerings next summer, so keep up to date with what is happening.