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Escaping to the Scottish Highlands

Escaping to the Scottish Highlands

Wildlife, Lochs, Munros and don't forget the midgies

As ever, we are always really excited when it comes to the start of another adventure. This one was no exception, actually I think there was a little more excitment this time, we were going for a whole week, not just a couple of days!

Planning completed, all packed, off we went we.... hi ho, hi ho it's off on an adventure we go!!

Arriving 6 hours later under the cover of darkness, heading down some really bumpy off road tracks, we had arrived! We don't normally but this time I thought we all deserved a treat, we had upgarded our accm from a tent to a wee beautiful white Scottish cottage. With arriving so late, the imagination ran wild with the beauty we thought to be around us.

Knowing we would be surrounded by some amazing Scottish Munros and Lochs, waking up was like waking up on Christmas Day, I was so excited and couldn't wait to open the front door, WOW!!!!! it took my breath away, just what I had imagined it to be. Alpha and Bravo were straight out the front door, sniffing the air, new smells, acres of land to discover and adventure through, their tails wagging so quick.. i knew with this place we had hit the adventure jackpot. 

Bravo's first ever full on adventure, and she covered more miles than any of us! Full of life  with not a moment to miss, days of fresh air, the only time to stop was when returning to the white cottage in the evening, within a couple of minutes Alpha and Bravo were flat out, they didn't move a muscle till it was time to adventure the following morning.

We had access to everything Alpha, Bravo and myself could dream off. We spent the whole week out and about exploring, Stand up Paddleboarding, Canoeing, Wild Swimming, Walking and Scalling our first ever Munro, a place we dream to live and didn't want to leave.

Unknowly testing our trust and bond between us all, with Bravo learning to fully swim and having confidence to get in the open water herself, Alpha gaining more confidence on the paddleboard and the canoe, working together to make it up and down our first Murno knowing that it would not be easy, using both human and dog first aid kits for minor ticks, bites and bleeds.

Adventure at it's best!