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SUP PUP Success in Scotland

SUP PUP Success in Scotland

Our first Doggy Stand Up Paddleboarding event in Scotland

Heading up to the North East of Scotland to kick start Doggy SUP in our new location, we couldn't wait to get started.

We arrived at Forfar Loch after getting directions from the rugby club, ready to welcome our soon to be SUP PUPs in Scotland. Meeting our host Jim (qualified instructor who delivers our sessions for us) who has his own SUP business, and getting a feel for the area. Vibrant, beautiful, full of people and dogs.... perfect! The icing on the cake was the weather was amazing, no rain, some sunshine but dry and a little cloudy.

Our first SUP PUP adventurers arrived with their humans, all spaniels for today, you would generally be thinking right now, chaos and carnage, but trust me it's not. What it is, is a load of fun, learning a new skill and having your dog on the board with you. 

Dry land training completed, we entered into the water, every human now thinking how long will it be before i fall in? some do, some don't. The same for the dogs, some like the water and some don't want to get in it. Every human and their owner has a unique experince along the way.  It's not long before we are standing up, on the boards getting rid of the jelly legs, and relaxing into a paddle, we headed out into the loch, whilst the SUP PUPs  either sit and enjoy the ride, run up and down the board, or just dip in and out between the water and board.

Not all dogs and humans stayed dry as the session came to and end, although we could have stayed out there for hours. New found skills for the humans and a new found SUP PUP in their family, now the SUP exploration world with your dog is what you make it.

Alpha and I had a fantastic time meeting everyone who came the first doggy SUP session by The Dog Backpacker in Scotland, and so pleased everyone had a great time, we want to thank you for booking with us.

We will be returning, our next event is on the 18th May, book your space today!