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Building your bond through fitness

Building your bond through fitness

Alpha's first achievement of the year

Not one for a resolution but I made a promise to Alpha, this year we are going to build our fitness together and hopefully inspire other dogs and humans to do the same. 

So it was time to get started, the beauty of doing it the way we did means it fits perfectly around our lifestyle. We signed up to virtual runner uk and entered into a dog friendly race, they have loads of races to chose from. We signed up the K9 Challenge Brighton for a fee, 20% of that fee goes to charity, which is another awesome reason to do this. 

All signed up and bib printed means there is only one thing left to do.... time to go and run!

I know Alpha is a very fit spaniel, me on the other hand could be fitter! Knowing what you dog can and can't do is a must before doing any running with your dog. we had entered a distance that Alpha would be comfortable with and that I thought I could complete. With doing the race through virtual runner means that you can do it when it suits you within the month (most races i looked at had between 2 weeks to a month to complete)  so we set of from home with our tracker on to record our results.

Distance completed, time recorded and sent for verification. A few days later out medal came through the post.. I was so excited at this point and so was Alpha as she loves opening post! 

We are entering more races over the next 12 months together, as well as doing a doggy couch to 5k and more. We will be posting our progress, details of how to get involved, how to get started and much more. 

There is a huge benefit to having a dog as you training partner and over the next 12 months we are going to show you just this.