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Bravo’s first step to becoming an Adventure Dog

Bravo’s first step to becoming an Adventure Dog

The big wide world awaits for one energetic spaniel

After a long wait to finally get out and about, the day had arrived, Bravo could join us on a mini adventure! 

Some slight changes to the original plan and opting for plan B over plan A, however this would a more practical mini adventure than plan A and offered up just as much exctiment for Bravo.

Alpha knew exactly what was going on as soon as her adventure equipment appear, bravo had no idea, this afterall was her first mini adventure, she got the good vibes from Alpha that something exciting was about to happen.

Out came the matching adventure buffs (for human and dogs) and although she still has to grow into it a little more Bravo was not fazed by any of her adventure equipment (buff,harness and lead) her backpack will eventually be added in once she has grown.

We set off, with an extra bag in hand incase Bravos little legs needed a rest. Heading into the first field that was awash with sheep and every spaniels favourite little treat sheep poo. As you can imagine both Alpha and Bravo were enjoying the poo delights. Ever intrigued but not fazed by the sheep, Bravo continued to pause and watch on at them on quite a few occassions. We found a space which was ideal, to let Bravo off the lead to join Alpha already nose to the ground, searching around within the ground and digging holes. Alpha leading from the front with Bravo by her side, not wanting to miss a a new smell, a dig, or the chance to find a puddle.

A huge Adventure for Bravo, and our backpack did come in handy especially on the return journey as her little legs would only take her so far and being young, we didn't want to over exercise her. Sat on her humans chest she started to nod away with her heading poping out the top of the backpack, until we returned home. A quick drink and off she went to her comfy bed for the biggest snooze ever. Alpha had other ideas - can we go again please!!

In this mini adventure you could witness Alpha teaching Bravo her first steps to becoming an adventure dog.