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Yorkshire’s Biggest Dog Walk

Yorkshire’s Biggest Dog Walk

Not to far to travel, we arrived and was greeted by some very friendlly and helpful humans. My human set up our stall whilst I just chilled out in the tent lying in some dried sheep poo, don't tell her but I did have a little nibble of some, any dog knows how good it tastes!

It started to rain, which was so nice and refreshing after the amazing heat wave we have been having, i think it's the first time I haven't panted all day for a good number of weeks! There were furfiends everywhere, i got to sniff some butts, wag my tail and give my big gooey brown eyes to all the humans with bacon sandwiches, although it didn't work on them all!

I also showed everyone that I like to be a parrot and sit on my humans shoulder sometimes! All the furfriends left for their awesome walk, which I was a tad jealous about as being wet and muddy is totally my thing! My human says next year we are also doing the walk. A quick go on the dog show, under waggiest tail, I couldn't make it go fast enough for a prize as there were some speedy wiggle bums there. I then met Julian Norton from the TV series The Yorkshire Vet, had to have my picture with him, although I am not a fan of vets (all dogs who agree put your paws up!) he was awesome and even signed my adventure flag for me, first time I have met a celebrity! 

Time for a big snooze after such an eventful day! 

Written by The Dog Backpacker