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Doggy SUP Adventure Suffolk taking off

Doggy SUP Adventure Suffolk taking off

It started early, a beautifully peaceful riverside, and cooler weather with the sun not making much of an apperance till the end. Time to meet and greet all our humans and their pooches ready to embark on their very own adventure of doggy SUPing. 

A fantastic mix of breeds and size of dogs at this adventure, just goes to show that we can accommodate most sizes of dog. 

On very dry land the session began, getting the dogs on the boards and feeding them loads of treats, I bet we had some empty treat bags and full bellies! The second stage of food bribing began as we headed to the rivers edge. Some were more confident than others but  after some time all humans and their dogs  were all on the SUPs and heading into the river at the start of the river journey. 

The river was stunning, you could see right to the bottom and watch the fishes swim about whilst paddling past the ducks and swans. At out own pace everyone got up onto their boards and enjoyed the relaxing experience of stand up paddleboarding as we went on, the dogs confidence grew and some were right up front on the SUPs. We definitely had some wet dogs and humans on this adventure but it's all part of the fun! The adventure came to a close with a fun game before it was time to head back on dryland and let all the dogs have a huge snooze on the way home.