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About The Dog Backpacker

Not wanting to miss a moment with my dog and trying to spend as much time with her as I could, led to The Dog Backpacker being born....

I'm Charlotte, I'm dog mad and try and take my dog to as many places as I can. She is a very energetic spaniel mix (Springer/Cocker cross) I love to take her on new experiences and adventures. We wanted to get on a mini break and after finding a dog friendly camping lodge I was then tasked with finding something I could do with her as why would I leave my dog behind and have fun, when I can take her with me and have fun and she would enjoy it to.

It took ages to find an activity to do but I am persistent and managed to book a canoeing session where I could take her. This is when I realised there is no central place to find any adventures/activities or social days that you would be able to bring your dog along to. After a few months of ideas I decided to take the plunge as I couldn't find this service so all the other dog mad adventure people must be having the same problem! The Dog Backpacker then became a reality not just an idea.

As well as being able to book activities and adventures with your dog, you will also be able to follow The Dog Backpacker on her adventures and share yours with us to.

Don't miss a moment with your dog and start your adventures today!