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About The Dog Backpacker

Whilst canoeing with Alpha in the Lake District, whilst she was leaning over the canoe to drink the water (or capsize me) my mind began to wonder, it’s so hard to find something a little bit different to do with your dog. Does everyone else find this?

The Dog Backpacker was born....

I'm Charlotte, I'm dog mad and always up for some great adventures with my two dogs Alpha and Bravo, both energetic spaniels! It was never easy to find a specific dog friendly adventure, that we were looking for, so we took the plunge (dream) and here we are (reality!)

Check out our Activities page to see what exciting activities you can do together. Take a look at the adventures that team backpacker have been on in our Adventure Dog Blog, which we are hoping will inspire you to adventure!

Don't miss a moment with your dog and start your adventures today!

Charlotte, Alpha and Bravo



Helen and Lyca

Lyca is a husky x Shepherd that we rehomed at 5 months. We did a lot of research into a breed that I could build up to accompany me on long distance runs, and also be a good pub dog for my husband on our hiking trips. Lyca will be 2 in July, so I will be building her up to do a marathon distance later this year. We live in Warwickshire so have plenty of  trail running for training, but have also run in a 12k event in the Black Mountains and 10K event in the Afan Forest. 

As well as running events, my husband and I take Lyca on hiking trips, to pubs and breweries and to National Trust properties. She has visited the peak District, Lake District, Snowdonia and Exmoor. We have plenty more planned this year too. I enjoy raising awareness of the opportunities people have to take their dogs out on adventures and to share the experiences they love doing themselves. 

Lyca runs in an Zero DC Short harness
Helen wears Zero DC Speedy canicross belt and we run with a bungee line.